International group exhibition: The Male Figure XIII

The Male Figure - Kunstbehandlung München

The Male Figure XIII
International group exhibition
from 11 April 2024

With works by Quentin Cabinet, Ken Chinea, Leonid Drobovolsky, Marc Glasze, Achim Horras, Christian Horras, Patric Noomé, Dimo Prodromou, Joanna Pilarczyk Radecka, Robert C. Rore, Jens Schubert, Micki Wolf Sedelmair, Max Ströder, Manuel Wahlen, Kurt Walters, Silas Schmidt von Wymeringhausen, Sören Zschocke, and others.

Every year since 2010, „The Male Figure“ has been at the centre of a meanwhile internationally acclaimed group exhibition. Part of the concept is that well-known artists from the gallery who work on the classic theme of male figures are joined by newly discovered talents from all over the world and from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, thus opening up new perspectives on this part of the figurative art world.

The exhibited works not only show the male body as a nude. The approach to the „male“ is artistically very individual, personal, often critical, sometimes also humorous. Schemes and stereotypes are broken in different ways. The paintings, drawings and sculptures in the exhibition show a wide variety of working techniques and styles, including nudes and portraits, studies, pop art, abstraction and photorealism.

The group exhibition can be seen from 11 April 2024.