Invitation Late Night Opening 30th of April

Micki Sedelmair, Sahneschnittchen mit Senf, Mixed media, Öl auf 100 Bierdeckel, Plexiglas , sign., dat. 2023

The Male Figure XIII
International Group Exhibition
Walpurgis Night 30th of April 2pm – 9 pm

With works by Patrik Amsterdam, Quentin Cabinet, Ken Chinea, Leonid Drobovolsky, Marc Glasze, Achim Horras, Christian Horras, Dimo Prodromou, Joanna Pilarczyk Radecka, Robert C. Rore, Jens Schubert, Micki Wolf Sedelmair, Max Ströder, Manuel Wahlen, Kurt Walters, Silas Schmidt von Wymeringhausen, Sören Zschocke, and others.

At Walpurgis Night, winter and the cold spirits are chased away sometimes even with a dance into May. Coincidentally we are welcoming the awakening of nature, which buds and sprouts everywhere. There are countless depictions of Walpurgis Night in painting and Goethe’s Faust popularised the once pagan spring festival as feast for the senses with an opulent dose of eroticism.

Erotic are many of the works in the current international group exhibition The Male Figure XIII  – subtle, subversive, some even offensive. We open on Walpurgis eve, the day before May Day, from 2pm to 9pm. On display are works by a total of 16 artists from Germany and from all over the world, 10 of whom we are showing for the very first time.

So it’s well worth a visit for inspiration, delightment and a drink on a hopefully balmy spring evening. In case you can not make a personal visit you are very welcome to view all exhibits in our web shop as well.

We look forward to your visit in the gallery and online.