Sergey Sovkov – Exhibition 2016

Sergey Sovkov

Sergey Sovkov – Exhibition 2016
Oil paintings, drawings, pastel
From 25. February 2016

In 2015 the Kunstbehandlung exhibited the first solo exhibition with works by Sergey Sovkov in Germany. Born in 1972, the artist lives and works in Togliatti, an industrial hub at the banks of the river Volga, about 1000 kilometres southeast from Moscow. He completed a classic academic education in fine art at the Russian Art Academy in St. Petersburg, whose traditionally very high aspiration level remains valid to date. Unmistakable this school left its mark on his work; following the style of powerful ‘Russian Impressionism’ the artist creates mainly oil paintings.

The exhibits of this exhibition present a vast spectrum stretching between almost naturalistic verisimilitude and postimpressionistic picture definition. The brilliance of the oil paintings remind of church windows, the specific use of a palette knife give the works a great plasticity and, depending on the light incidence and visual angle, certain levels of the painting come to the fore. The portraits are, on close inspection, finely composed mosaics; allowing some more distance the faces unfold stupendous expressions – similar to ancient paintings of historic icons.

The drawings and pastels are more figurative depicted. Narrative scenes are characterised by an authenticity of the portrayal, whilst the firmament above implies a menacing dynamic at times. The combination of modernity and same time resort to traditional stylistic methods at different subjects makes Sovkovs portfolio such diverse and exciting. His main subject is the male nude body, which he varies as genre painting, as expressionistic composition or follows the style of patriotic Russian landscape paintings.

Sovkov’s landscapes are scenes, where threatening clouds, midday sunlight, troubled waters or pale moonlight above dim streetlights place aesthetic effects. The recurring men theme caused Sovkov conflict with Putin’s law against ‘homosexual propaganda’. He had to quit his post as a lecturer for fine arts. At his numerous journeys through Europe he enjoys the social openness, the boisterous, emotional mood at events – here an allegedly obviousness, which he depicts in the atmosphere of his paintings.

The opening of the exhibition takes place on the evening of the 25th of February, from 8 pm onwards, where the artist will be in attendance.