Salted and twisted – Exhibition of paintings by Ulrike Wenzel

Salted and twisted
Exhibition of paintings by Ulrike Wenzel
29.01. – 21.02.2015

Proverbially the Brezn or Brezel is in everyone’s mouth – including current Munich headlines of aluminium contaminated ones.
Ulrike Wenzel proceeds in her relationship to the Bavarian National snack exercising rather investigative skills. With a knowing hand and trained eye she finds all specimens, which – let’s just say – do not match the common beau ideal. Out of shape, burned, over or even in unbelievable circumstances not salted ones, pathetic thin or far to fat Brezn are the subject of her desire and search. Whenever Ulrike Wenzel has found a disaster-Brezn again, she notes the date of purchase and shop, in order to captivate the object, in a neat and tidy manner, lifelike in oil on canvas, always on a finely covered panel of 13 x 18 cm size.
Thus, similar to a collection of insects or more like a gallery of beauties, an elusive collection of well over one hundred Brezn effigies accrued, of which we are presenting a most graceful collection of fifty paintings. Whoever believes that this exhibition serves a folkloristic purpose only, is certainly mistaken, as the underlying idea already reveals a profound cryptically humour. Shame upon he who thinks evil of it.