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Lady Visitors after 8 pm

Lady Visitors after 8 pm

Lady Visitors after 8 pm
Exhibition with works by Astrid Köhler and Heike Ratfisch
31st of October – 16th of November 2013

The dictionary explains the ‚Lady Visitor‘ succinctly with a woman visiting a man. Google extends its meaning to a more complex matter and introduces even the law of tenancy and or female visitors at student digs, especially religiously affiliated accommodations, which frown on callers after 8 pm.

Whereas the Kunstbehandlung bids are warm welcome to the artists Astrid Köhler and Heike Ratfisch, who are presenting with their current work a remarkable collection of new paintings.

Astrid Köhler is showing new pictures of birds in variable sizes, a cutting edge sequence of hospital utensils, also bags and cardboard boxes play a significant role in her new works and last but not least she has suggestions for improvements at hand for Cy Twombly.

Heike Ratfischs pictures, all of which are painted in oil crayon on canvas, are reminiscent of selected fabrics, not only due to the finest surface finishes. For all of you who can’t stand rectangular paintings:  she offers some circular formats too. We consider the show a thoroughly enthralling collection of works of art.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on 31.10.2013 at 8 pm in the presence of both women artists (Lady Visitors after 8 pm!). We cordially invite you hereto and to a visit to our exhibition.