Golden Queers – Exhibition by Rinaldo Hopf

Rinaldo Hopf - Golden Queers - Prince Manvendra

Golden Queers
Initially announced as book release ‘Trickster’
Exhibition by Rinaldo Hopf
11. October – 22. October 2012

Rinaldo Hopf is a subversive, polyglot Berlin based artist, painter, photographer, virtuosic watercolour painter and gilder, publisher of the erotic compendium ‘Mein schwules Auge’ (coll. ‘My gay view’) and author of numerous other publications. This exhibition should have simultaneously celebrated the launch of his book ‘Trickster’, which unfortunately got postponed to Spring 2013.

We look forward to this exhibition and kindly remind our guests and collectors to the 10-year long consecution of Rinaldo Hopf exhibitions at the Kunstbehandlung. Hence after ten years we proudly present works from his long-term project ‘Golden Queers’.

‘Golden Queers’ are gold leaf and oil paintings of homosexuals from ancient times to the 21st century. Due to the extensive use of gold, the notably aesthetic portraits shine of cornucopia and power and woo like icons identity-establishing for the gay community.

Rinaldo Hopf will attend the opening of the exhibition on 11.10.2012 from 8 pm onwards. We look forward to welcome you to the opening and a visit in our gallery. You might want to take a first glimpse to the exhibition on our homepage now, whilst you will find all work on show available in our web shop from the opening evening onwards.