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‚Incidence of Light‘ – Show featuring Robert C. Rore

‘Incidence of Light’ - Show featuring Robert C. Rore

‚Incidence of Light‘ –  Show featuring Robert C. Rore
Painting, Water Colour, Drawings, Prints
28.07. – 04.10.2011

Moving Pictures – initially just a memento of slightly antiquated but great cinema. ‚Incidence of Light‘ is coming to life by a partially constructing light components lavishly deployed by the Munich artist Robert C. Rore. The observer will find an exquisite use of all forms of light within the exhibits.

Light braking on a waters surface with bathing men at ease with one another. The shadows of walkers on a beach in summer sand. Strips of light bouncing off a male torso observing through the blind. Subtle reflections in a glass held by a connoisseur. Cold and austere stage light,dimly lighting martial figures from the series ‚Verdugo‘. Still – a lot of words when it is all about light.

We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition in presence of the artist on 28.07.2011 from 8 pm onwards.

On 20.08.2011 we would like to welcome you to yet another celebration. Please join us for our 15th anniversary, contemporaneous to the Hans-Sachs-Strassen Festival. Our gallery will stay open until late evening to highlight both of those occasions and give you plenty of time to browse through the exhibition. Additionally we prepared a surprise.

Later in September and October we prepared further late night openings and even more exciting the exclusive Munich premiere of Robert C. Rore’s ‚Männerbilder / Portraits of Men‘ Book.

Get a first glimpse of the work presented in this show on our homepage and as usual all work will be available in our online shop on the evening of the opening too.

We look forward to welcome you to our show.