Precious Little Things – Annual exhibition with works by Robert C. Rore

Robert C. Rore - Im Spiegelkabinett

Precious Little Things
Annual exhibition with works by Robert C. Rore
1 September – 8 October 2022

Attention to detail and a wealth of facets are the trademark of Munich based artist Robert C. Rore. This strength becomes even more noticeable when depicted in small format paintings. Therefore the title of the annual exhibition refers to the formats of the artworks as small and very small paintings are on show in particular. A „Precious Little Thing“ could be an expression of special value, small treasure, and Rore regularly integrates these into his compositions with discreet, genuine and sometimes historically inspired situations or props.

The main focus in Robert C. Rore’s paintings are men. His aesthetic figures describe the full range of a male world -in most diverse snapshots, at rest in oneself, in motion, sensual or euphoric. Like in a tangible world, the mood in the pictures is shaped by light. It reflects gleamingly on naked skin on a mirrored cabinet, glistens on a tropical beach, tickles between radiant white sheets, ennobles the colour of red wine and buzzes with gin and cigar. Rore’s play of light is refined, mirrors and shadows reveal what remains hidden at first glance. These little precious paintings offer fascinating discoveries.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on Thursday, 1 September 2022 from 7 pm onwards in the presence of the artist. The Robert C. Rore Calendar 2023 will be published to accompany the exhibition. All artworks can also be viewed online from the opening of the exhibition onwards at: