Calendars 2017


Robert C Rore Calendar

We do not want to invoke Wilhelm Busch’s hasty pace of time yet again, but plainly inform you of our exclusive calendars for the year to come – be it for your own use or as a little gift.

Already in stock is our new Robert C. Rore calendar which was printed on the occasion of our 20-year anniversary and presents selected works from his 2016 annual exhibition.

There is another Rinaldo Hopf calendar for 2017, too, reproducing motifs found on his trip to Cuba this year. While traveling, he created charming watercolours that perceptibly capture a Caribbean lust for life and, in their vivid colourfulness, appear to dance themselves. These and other works by Rinaldo Hopf will be on display in a solo exhibition starting November 3.

A new offer this year is the “Brezn” calendar by Ulrike Wenzel in which she presents another proof of the fact that this Bavarian national pastry is never really tarred with the same brush. Maybe this is also the reason why “exotic states of matter” were explained with the help of a Pretzel in this year’s ceremony for the Nobel Prize in Physics. It seems as if Ulrike Wenzel had always suspected something like this…

With the opening of her exhibition at the end of November, there will also be a new Astrid Köhler calendar available. And it will provide the final answer to your question whether a koi, lily blossoms and cigarette butts may be combined in an aesthetic picture. As you might have guessed, in paintings by Astrid Köhler this isn’t a problem at all.

Last but not least, we offer you the calendar “Munich in the Fifties and Sixties”  published by Edition Grabsdorf and for the first time presenting colour photographs by Herbert Wendling. If you look at them, it is hard to believe how much the city has changed since.

We are looking forward to your visit. As a matter of course, all our calendars are also available at our web-shop.

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