WHITE – Annual Exhibition by Robert C. Rore


Annual Exhibition by Robert C. Rore
Paintings, Watercolours, Drawings
28th of July until 4th of October

Especially in figurative painting various perils lurk for even well experienced artists – the less talented ones are doomed to failure. Such as in a credibly depiction of a human hand. Even the choice of colour causes menacing danger all around and ‘Old Nick’ laughs about the chaos in detail. Although very much present in nature, strictly speaking white as well as black are both no colours as such.

Having highlighted all the dangers, lets meet the challenges of ‘no colours’ now. A white fall of folds, a mountain of white laundry, the white fine rib vest and to make things even more stand out: a black male raising a glass of white wine. Robert C Rore never loses an opportunity to get a grip on the colour white – even if he has to dip into a bit of black for assistance.

Well, it’s no secret that he takes on fresh challenges in his work with paint and brush whenever he can. Since already 20 years the annual exhibition by Robert C Rore is a benchmark at the Kunstbehandlung…