Summer Love – Solo exhibition with works by Hannes Steinert

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Summer Love
Solo exhibition with works by Hannes Steinert
04.07. – 27.07.2013

Hans Steinert recollects in this solo exhibition the easy-going and light-hearted times of the 70s. His colourful drawings awaken long forgotten memories of hitching a ride across the Alps towards the Italian Riviera or Cote d’Azur, times spent on nudist beaches, sun-kissed bodies, Antonio or Pascal with ‚Amore mio‘ or ‚Je t’aime mon amour‘, portable radios blasting Scott McKenzie’s ‚San Francisco‘ flower power anthem across sun flooded, sandy beaches.

Alongside drawings of teens rapt lolling and curling in ‚Summer Love‘, Hannes Steinert presents paintings of beaches with palm trees and pine groves and even of some classic tourist destinations like Venice’s Canale Grande.

The second and far smaller part of the exhibition will focus on an imaginary life of the fairy-tale king Ludwig II of Bavaria. Such as a nightly carriage ride of the King with a young sturdy footboy.

As usual all work illustrates Hans Steinerts‘ subtler and delightful sense of humour.
In time for the opening of the show we will reveal a postcard size calendar for 2014 featuring 13 paintings from the exhibition.