Robert C. Rore: Prometheus and other ways to play with fire

“Prometheus and other ways to play with fire“ - Robert C Rore

“Prometheus and other ways to play with fire“
Annual exhibition by Robert C Rore
26.07.2012 – 06.10.2012

Last year in October the Munich based artist Robert C Rore started a commission for an art project at the Umweltpark Augsburg. He was asked to adorn the two-storeyed foyer with themes around energy sufficiency and environmental technologies.

Robert C Rore decided to pick up the subject in a cycle based upon the Prometheus-myth. A grade one culture and energy philanthropist who got shockingly penalised by being chained up to a rock in the Caucasus  Mountains for famously steeling the fire from the gods to offer it to mankind.

Whilst working on this subject, Robert C Rore produced watercolours, drawings and oil paintings featuring single figures which are now part of his Prometheus interpretations. In addition for this exhibition he will present a series of paintings focusing on ‚…other ways to play with fire‘.

Robert C Rore will attend the opening of the exhibition on 26.07.2012 from 8 pm onwards.
We look forward to welcome you to another great show.