Events to mark the Oktoberfest – Show ‚Lichtspiele‘ by Robert C. Rore

fine art prints by Robert C. Rore of Bavarian themes

‚Ozapftis‘ is not an ancient Egyptian princess, which one should know about, but ‚Ozapft is‘ is the traditional announcement made by the mayor of Munich the moment he barreled the first beer at the Oktoberfest. This is when it all starts again – the Bavarian ‚Heaven of Beer‘!

Traditionally we join the ‚Wiesn-Warm-Up‘, when shops and restaurants in Munich open their doors to welcome traveled visitors and locals to enjoy special events a few days before the official start of the Oktoberfest.

Exclusively we present the first and signed copies of the coffee table book ‚Männerbilder‘ by Robert C. Rore to mark his current exhibition in our gallery (Männerbilder / Portraits of Men‘, published at Edition Braus, Berlin, € 29,95).

Accompanying we present an exclusive and small edition of fine art prints by Robert C. Rore of Bavarian themes, which are available in our gallery in Müllerstrasse 40 solely. They make a dashing souvenir for a snapp: Picture format 14,5 x 21 cm with museum size passe-partout 24 x 30 cm for each € 24.90.

We are looking forward to welcome you in our gallery.

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