Robert C. Rore – miniature paintings

Robert C. Rore - miniature painting

“Prometheus and other ways to play with fire“
Annual exhibition by Robert C Rore
26.07.2012 – 06.10.2012

Year after year … we face not only Christmas but also the manic Oktoberfest-frenzy.  Next weekend we celebrate ‚O zapft is‘ (the traditional tapping of the first barrel of beer) and Munich is being elevated into the beer-heaven again.

Restaurateurs and event organisers got seriously creative with the Wiesn-warm-up-parties to entertain visitors and locals. Certainly a climax in creativity is the Uschi Ackermann ‚Wiesn Pugs Party‘, where the female, dirndl-dressed high society is invited to show their Lederhosen-dressed dogs … some believe a sign of late Roman decadence; I believe a real sign of Bavarian lifestyle…

Rather tangible and far less louche is our proposal to all visitors and friends before the official opening of the Oktoberfest: Our artist Robert C. Rore has created a series of miniature paintings matching his annual exhibition ‚Prometheus and andere Spiele mit dem Feuer‘ (‚Prometheus and other ways to play with the fire‘).

The miniatures are elegantly framed oil paintings, 20 x 20 cm of size, and each a unique work of art. Indeed a very fine souvenir of stable if not pyramiding value.

In case you are after a rather quick, funny and highly individual ‚greeting‘ from the Oktoberfest, we like to point to our ‚Fiese Herzen‚ and look very much forward to welcome you in our gallery.

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