30×30 No 9 – Group Exhibition

30 x 30 No 9
Group Exhibition
24.11.2011 – 21.01.2012

The show ‚30 x 30 No 9‚ will end an exiting year of celebrating our 15th anniversary. The concept of this exhibition is to set the format only: a square format of 30 x 30 centimeter (11.81 x 11.81 inch). Invited artists decide themselves about the motifs. The result is an astonishing creative mixture of styles: representational, figurative, abstract, concretely, sprayed, photographed, painted, water coloured, drawn and even more adventurous techniques create an excellent mixture of works.

As in previous years we invited some new talents to take part. The farthest travelled work come from US based Robert Sherer – with  pyrography. Still this year we will put our main focus on our Munich based artists. Some of them are friends of the Kunstbehandlung from the very beginning on; some had solo exhibitions with us and other galleries in the past 15 years. We look forward to show paintings by Godfather of Fimo, Niklaus Keller, Anika Ising, Astrid Köhler – just to name a very few.

Apropos of names and pictures: In recent years we found it more and more difficult to find one or a very few representative pictures to illustrate the entire exhibition. We solved this problem by creating our own word and picture label. By developing an Op-Art (optical art), using an Interferogramm all work on display get a chance to speak for itself. Hopefully you will appreciate our new idea and design.

We cordially invite you to our opening on Thursday, 24.11.2011, 8 pm. A great number of showing artists will be present.