Robert C. Rore: ‚Wiesn Warm-up‘ – extended opening times

Robert C. Rore: hard-charging ‘Mannsbilder’ (menfolk)
On Saturday, September 18th, the Bavarian Oktoberfest opens its doors for the 177th time and Munich is again in a state of emergency.A horse race commemorating the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen started what now is the biggest funfair world wide. This year’s anniversary celebration comes up with exceptional and historical attractions; possibly even to counteract the excesses of legal binge drinking.

The traditional ‚Wiesn Warm-up‘ has not such a long tradition. Several days before the Octoberfest opens officially, shops, restaurants and venues invite guests from all over the world to special events and much more.
Since many years we fall into line and extend the opening times to our show of the Munich based artist Robert C. Rore on Thursday, 16th and 17th of September until 10 pm. Especially for this occasion we will present new, hard-charging ‚Mannsbilder‘ (menfolk) as well as a series of ‚Miniatures‘ with a some Bavarian motifs.

Aside from all that we want to draw your attention to this year’s ‚Wiesn Hit‘ and our favourite choice by Petra Perle. Just click here if you want to get a sneak preview…

Thank you for your attention and we are looking forward to your visit in our gallery or in our online shop, which will get updated with the new work as mentioned above.
Robert C. Rore, Kunstbehandlung Munich: hard-charging ‘Mannsbilder’ (menfolk)