Robert C. Rore: Annual Exhibition „A light in the dark“

Robert C. Rore: Annual Exhibition in Munich, Gallery Kunstbehandlung
A light in the dark
Annual Exhibition of Robert C. Rore
July 29th – October 4th 2010

It is obvious on first sight that Robert C Rore’s main focus in his paintings is on perfect light. Regardless of the angle light is flooding in his paintings,  it is the most essential part of his compositions. The lack of light is yet another challenge he mastered to perfection with his work for this upcoming show.  How should one paint white linen? For him a question very simple to answer: ‚I highlight the shadows.‘

It becomes even more exciting when a glass of wine emerges from just a very few stokes and dots in front of a male figure. Equally gripping are his new works of darkened rooms. Just a glimpse of light enables to understand the entire scenery inside a hotel room.  A lighted cigarette or a running TV screen enhances the diffused atmosphere of a room with closed curtains and still leaves no secret to the observer.

Unmistakable and renowned are his paintings of men. In this show he beautifully plays with male bodies and natural light: Sun flooding a painting, reflections on water or just a touch of light illuminating a scenery at night. Besides the oil paintings we will show water colour, pencil and crayon drawings. At the same time we release the catalogue ‚Carioca Iury‚, format 21 x 21 cm, showcasing a variety of paintings from one male model only.

The artist is attending the opening of our show on 2907.2010 from 8 pm onwards. Please feel warmly invited. In case you can not attend the opening, please find all items of the exhibition in our web shop at the same time.

On the occasion of the Hans-Sachs-Street-festival (21.08.2010) the gallery will stay open till late, likewise the evening previous to the opening of the Oktober Fest (Bavarian Beer Festival) on 16. and 17.09.2010.